Hay Day Mini Activity Packs (100)

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Quantity: 100 Activity Packs ($0.79 each ex gst)
Let’s head to the farm! A fun-filled activity pack based on a farm theme featuring chickens, cows, sheep, pigs and of course, the farmer and his wife. A range of activities for the younger and older children.

Mini Activity Pack Range

Our mini kids packs are a condensed version of our full sized premium activity packs. If the lowest price is your highest priority then our mini kids packs are the answer.

Mini Activity Packs Include

  • Activity Booklet: A6 booklet with heaps of activities for all ages.
  • Crayons: pack of 4 colouring crayons, non-toxic.
  • Resealable Bag: packaged together in a resealable plastic sleeve.
  • Compact: condensed version of our full sized premium packs.
  • Mess-Free: no stickers or loose sheets of paper.
  • Australian Made: highest quality available.

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